Star Sighting!

Last night I went to my favorite restaurant that happens to be in Dallas - Ciudad. The food is always incredible and Chef Joanne Bondy was in the kitchen. As we were happily enjoying our appetizer, a very handsome man walked past who looked familiar, and it turned out to be Val Kilmer!

Apparently he has been in New Orleans shooting a new film tentatively titled Deja Vu. Shooting was set to start just before Katrina ravaged the area, but the film and it's crew was one of the first to return and bring some much needed business to the area after the storm.

Great news - Mr. Kilmer was apparently a welcome guest - polite, engaging, you never would have known he was a "star" if it wasn't for that famous face.

One of the reasons that Ciudad is so successful even after 6 years is that everyone is treated like a star, and you never know when you'll see one!

Food is Love

I've been watching the Food Network FoodOgraphies this week, and the one with Paula Deen really struck home. Paula rules! It is so nice to see and hear about someone who gets it - she obviously loves what she does, her family, and her food. What can be more personal and intimate than food? It feeds us, it nurtures us, it can make us feel wonderful or horrible. What I have never understood is "Semi-Homemade"on the Food Network - great idea, bad execution. Why would you want to give your body fuel that was full of chemicals instead of the things that can nurture us? Cooking with love really doesn't take any longer, and the benefits last forever. And a skinny chef is just wrong - obviously someone who doesn't love food as much as I do.