Petsmart Takes a Wrong Turn

I am so disappointed in Petsmart - they usually are one of the more compassionate pet supply stores. They have done a great job sponsoring adoption events with local shelters and groups, and I was really surprised when I saw this promotion yesterday.
Apparently if you bring in your movie stub from the new Nickelodeon film Rango you can get $10.00 off the purchase of any reptile. Supporting  the impulse buys of any animal is such a bad idea, and if potential pet owners think their new family members are going to be as cute and entertaining as the ones in the film, they are in for a letdown.  As someone who has owned quite a few snakes (the things you find out about this Lifestylist® here!) I can tell you they are very difficult to take care of, don't eat things you would normally want to feed to anyone or any thing, and if taken care of will be a member of your family for decades.
Petsmart -unless you are willing to take back all of the reptiles you sell after the new owners get disenchanted with them, I hope you will rethink this marketing campaign and make a $10.00 donation to the shelters that have to take care of these animals after they are abandoned.
I think the movie looks fantastic, and I know my Jr. Lifestylists are going to be joining me to see it more than once! Let's teach our kids the difference between what is involved in the real-life responsibilities of bringing an animal into our homes vs. the fun, animated ones they see on the big screen. Rango will be coming into my home, but he will be seen on my television screen not behind the screen of a cage.

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